Investment Advice


Investment Advice

We believe successful investing is defined by helping investors establish and meet their investment objectives. Our philosophy is based on four key concepts:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Structure
  • Specialist Money Managers
  • Continuous Portfolio Management




Asset Allocation

Studies have shown that asset allocation decisions account for more than 90% of portfolio performance. Individual security selection accounts for a small portion of a total return. The overwhelming determinant of the success of an investment strategy is not which securities or mutual funds were bought or sold, but how the assets were divided among the various asset classes.

Portfolio Structure

The stock and bond markets are composed of numerous styles and sectors (i.e., large cap value, small cap growth, government bonds, corporate bonds, etc.). To access the potential of the financial markets and reduce risk, a portfolio must be diversified within each asset class as well.

Specialist Money Managers

We use a variety of specialist money mangers and mutual fund managers selected according to their distinct investment disciplines. This method maintains asset allocation purity not available when using generalists. This focus provides the opportunity for greater consistency and predictability of results. By selecting experts in the various sectors and styles, we ensure full coverage of the markets.

Continuous Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is a continuous process. Once needs are defined, a plan is developed, and strategies are implemented, and on-going confirmation and re-evaluation takes place.

This occurs in two ways:
1. Each portfolio is rebalanced regularly to assure the mix of assets remains intact.

2. Constant evaluation of manager performance – each manager is subject to replacement should they fail to reach stated goals or deviate from their stated philosophy or process.